Alice in Wonderland - The Cheshire Cat is waiting for you!

Virtual Reality Escape Room: Alice in Wonderland

Get involved in the vortex of events and put yourself in the shoes of Alice in Wonderland!

Immerse yourself in a world full of real magic and stop the evil Queen of Hearts!


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  • Stop the evil plan by the Queen of Hearts!
  • A must for every fan of Alice in Wonderland!
  • Difficulty 4 out of 7!
  • The Cheshire Cat is already waiting for you!
  • Dive into a world full of mysteries and magic

A group photo at the end of the game! If possible, also a short video of you playing!

Duration1 Hour
ParticipantsSpectators free of charge
Important information

Please be 5-10 minutes early.

You'll get a short introduction on how to use the virtual reality gear. If possible, don't tie your hair up in a high ponytail, wear big glasses or make-up.

You cannot play under the influence of any kind of drug or alcohol.

Further information

The adventure is for 2 - 8 players and lets you immerse yourself in the magical world of Alice in Wonderland!


Put yourself in Alice's shoes! Plunge into a world of real magic!

You have to uncover the secrets of the Queen of Hearts, who has cast a spell on Wonderland's time. Drink a shrinking potion and follow the White Rabbit through the twisted mazes of the world behind the looking-glass, where everything is turned upside down!

Help the Hatter, who is stuck in time, to sort out the mess at the mad tea-party. The Cheshire Cat will guide you through the enchanted Dark Forest - save the fairies who know the secret of the evil queen by using the tips of the wise Caterpillar.

Find a way to sneak past the card guards into the castle filled with tricky traps to defeat the Queen of Hearts - lift the spell from the main clock tower and save the Wonderland!

How it works:

You can interact with almost every object in the game, analyse and decide what you need to solve the riddles!

For the adventure we created a VR-Zone, which you can enter with the help of the HTC VIVE PRO wireless.

Trust us, there's an enormous adventure waiting for you!

Available for 2 - 8 players.

Buckle up and start playing!

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